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Youth Division

Department A
Superintendent: Cheryl Ortlieb
4-H Educator: Jennifer Collins   4-H Program Educator: Wendy Richardson
Premiums: Excellent (Blue) $3.00; Good (Red) $2.00; Worthy (White) $1.00
General Entry Rules and Regulations​
  1. ​All non - animal exhibits must be made on Sunday before the fair 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Judging will occur as you enter your exhibits on Sunday. (4-H interactive judging will only occur 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.)

  2. For Questions concerning 4-H entries, call the 4-H Office 315-866-7920

  3. Entries are open to all youth 5 years to 18 years and under as of the date of first day of fair and a resident of Herkimer County and those youths who attend schools in Herkimer County, or surrounding counties.

  4. All entries must have been grown, made or have been prepared by the exhibitor. Entries must be from the current year or after the 2023 Fair.

  5. The Fair Board and Superintendent reserve the absolute and final right to interpret and apply rules and determine all questions. The Superintendent reserves the right to accept or reject any entry before the opening or judging of any shows.

  6. All property entered for competition or display shall be subject to all rules and regulation published herein. All property brought and kept upon the fairgrounds shall be at the owner’s risk.

  7. We encourage entry forms to be filled out in advance and brought with your exhibits. (Available from Fair Association’s office or Cornell Cooperative Extension of Herkimer County Office.)

  8. Pre-Registration of organization exhibits, divisions I must be made by August 1st. Location and size of exhibits will depend on number of entries received.

Removal of Exhibits
  1. ​Articles may be picked up on Monday, the day after the fair, between the hours of 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. Failure to comply with this regulation entails forfeiting of all prizes. According to New York State Agriculture and Markets Department all exhibits on the closing day should be as attractive in every department as anytime during the week of the Fair. No early removals.

  2. An exhibitor who conducts himself or herself in an improper manner or by the flagrant violation of the rules and regulations will be subject to expulsion from the fairgrounds with a subsequent forfeit of awards, premiums, guarantees and privileges of participation.

  3. **There is no limit on the number of entries unless otherwise stated but entries should vary.



No awards will be given for duplicate entries of the same type.

Division A -  Clothing & Textiles

Sewing, Knitting. Crocheting, Embellished, Tie-dyed

Division B - Fine Arts & Creative Crafts

Drawing, Painting. Pottery, Jewelry

Division C - Home Interiors

Division D  -Food & Nutrition

Cooking, Baking, Recipe Collections

All baked entries must have been baked from scratch by exhibitor. No refrigerated or frozen dough or  box mixes permitted. Use of a bread machine is not allowed. No exhibits requiring refrigeration are allowed (cream or custard based pies or cakes). Remove all items from baking pans (except pies) and exhibit on paper plates or foiled-wrapped cardboard. Exhibit must be covered with plastic resealable bags-no plastic wrap. Do not bake muffins or cupcakes in paper liners. Include  recipe card (product name. ingredients, preparation steps, and Yield) should be included with all entries. Indicate how the recipe was modified to make it healthier. An exhibit is: 3 samples of small items(cookies, muffins, cupcakes, rolls, breadsticks, pretzels or similar products) or one of a large item (loaf bread, cake, coffee cake, or similar product} or whole item if  Needed to convey appearance of product ( pie, turtle shaped bread, or similar products)

Division E - Horticulture

Flowers, Fruit, Vegetable, Potted Plants

Cut flowers should be 8 inches long except where the type of flower makes  this impossible.
Exhibits consist of 3 stems with the same color except as noted
Gladiolas - one spike with at least a 12 inch stem. Roses -one stem of the type listed.
Dahlias - three blooms of one color -or one bloom if over 6 inches
Vegetables - 3 of each category except for the larger vegetable like pumpkin (only one is needed labeled to Variety)

Division F - Technology  & Engineering

Woodworking - Power Tool  made  article  or  Hand Tool  made article 

Electrical -Science Project - Electric Project or Electronic Project

Division G  -Photography

Please Limit # of exhibits to four

Division H -Human Development/Child Care Projects

Division I - Community Service

Poster or 3 Dimensional  Exhibit describing a community service project conducted by a group or individual.  This is designed to demonstrate projects that go beyond service to the community & recognize youth as active citizens.  Exhibits must have 2 parts:

A. two page summary of the project

B. A 3 dimensional exhibit that  visually displays the entire project or highlights certain parts in a manner which tells the public what positive effects the project had on the community. 
4-H Pride-club banners, secretary books , achievement books


Division J - Leadership & Citizenship

Leadership -entries should show the abilities & skills in working successfully with other people
Citizenship- entries should show how they develop better with family, friends. Neighbors & community


Division K - Public Presentations

Participants in this class are invited to demonstrate a working presentation

Division L - Miscellaneous/School  Projects

Anything grown or made by an exhibitor not listed elsewhere in the book
School Projects- any schoolwork assignments =science, math, social studies, language arts or math


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