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Lego Competition

Department L G
Superintendent: Pauline Bunce
Best of Show and Fair Theme awarded

Premiums Small creation: 1st = $3.00, 2nd = $2.00, 3rd = $1.00

Premiums Larger creation: 1st = $5.00, 2nd = $3.00, 3rd = $2.00

Open to anyone - any age - Young or Old

Family Entries encouraged
General Entry Rules and Regulations
  1. Display should include the box from which the Lego display was created. (not required)

  2. If more than one  box or a combination of Legos was used -indicate that with a card

  3. The Lego display should be on a flat surface for easy displaying.

  4. Limited non Lego items can be used to enhance the display.

  5. Entries are due by 10 am - opening day of the fair

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