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Championship Tractor Pull

Clinton Tractor from Clinton, NY
Buell Fuels
Lead Car Honda, Yorkville

Sunday, August 20th @ 11:00a.m.

Department: T
Herkimer County Fair
Superintendant: Kathy Elthorp
PREMIUMS: 1st $100 & Trophy, 2nd $45, 3rd $25. Premiums will be reduced if less than 8 tractors per class; payback will be 100% of entry fee per class if less than 6.


The Frank Potenza Memorial trophy will be given to the best looking tractor and is donated by The Elthorp Family
$100 Gift Certificate for each winner in below classes from Clinton Tractor
Lead Car -- Donating $25 to 1st place winner in each class.



·    Division 1 – Antique: Class 1 - 5,500 Ibs, Class 2 - 6,500 Ibs 

·    Division 2 – Natural: Class 3 - 7,500 Ibs, Class 4 - 8500 Ibs, Class 5 - 9,500 Ibs 

·    Division 3 – Turbo: Class 6 - 9,500 Ibs, Class 7 - 11,500 Ibs, Class 8 -13,500lbs.

·    Division 4 – Hot Farm: Class 12 - 9,500 Ibs, Class 13 -11,500 Ibs, Class 14 - 13,500 Ibs.


  1. Entries will be taken from 9:00 am to 11:00 am only

  2. Entries must be filled out completely. A signed release must be completed by Drive and Helper at the time of entry and is non-refundable. Entry fee is $30.00 per class and includes a wristband for the Driver and Pit person.

  3. No persons will be allowed in pull area except driver of tractor.

General Rules

  1. Herkimer County Fair is not responsible for any accidents or personal injury.

  2. All drivers must be 18 years of age or older on the date of the pull. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed in the show ring.

  3. Machinery dealers are not eligible.

  4. Tractor must be owned 30 days prior to this event.

  5. All drivers and helpers must sign a release at the time of registration.

  6. The decision of the Tractor Pulling Committee will be final.

  7. All hitches will be inspected at weigh-in and the pulling committee reserves the right to disqualify any unsafe hitch. Hitch heights will be a the discretion of the Pulling Committee.

  8. If breakage occurs the pull length will be recorded to that point.

  9. All drivers must obey flagman’s signals or risk elimination from the event.

  10. Driver’s will be disqualified for reckless operation before, during, and after the pull.

  11. Tractors can only enter in one division and can enter in 3 classes

General Requirements

  1. Open to all farm tractors with rubber tires

  2. Each contestant must hook to a stationary (no 3 point hitch) drawbar with a a maximum of 20 inches and extend at least 20 inches from the center axle

  3. The driver must furnish a clevis or draw hitch with at least a 3 inch hole

  4. No portion of the tractor may interfere with the sled or hitching device

  5. All weights must be secured to the tractor and must not extend beyond the back tire and not interfere with the hooking of the sled. No weights can extend more than 12 inches from the tires. No protruding bolts will be allowed anywhere.

  6. No weight frames or weights may extend more than 24 inches beyond the forward point of the tractor.

  7. All tractors must be equipped with a workable rear wheel brakes

  8. All tractors must have stabilizers located 3 inches from the back of the tires. No more than 10 inches off the ground, with at least 5 inches square pad capable of supporting the weight of the tractor.

  9. All tractors must have workable power take-off and have no cut tires.

  10. Tire size for 5500 and 6500 must not exceed 15.5; max size for 7500 is 18.4


Safety and Tractor Operations

  1. Operators must remain seated during the pull and must have complete control of the tractor at all times.

  2. No drivers or helpers will be allowed to participate under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medications that impair ability to control the tractor.

  3. All pulls must start from a tight hitch; no jerking allowed.

  4. Tractors must remain within boundaries of contest course during the pull or disqualification will occur.

  5. Only one pull allowed per class unless to break a tie.

  6. The pull will be considered over when the forward motion of the pulling machine stops. 

  7. The order of the pull will be determined by Superintendent.

  8. Number one puller may repull only if weight machine is changed.

  9. Tractors must be stopped immediately upon signal from Judge or disqualification will occur.

  10. Lost weights while hooked to pulling machine will result in disqualification

  11.  Driver’s will be responsible for having the tractor within weight limits or be disqualified.

  12. Tractor must be removed from Show Ring after pulling. Only tractors that have a full pull may remain.

  13. Front tires off the ground 25 inches or more will be deemed unsafe and may be disqualified.

Special Rules – Stock and Turbo

  1. All tractors must be stock or as if it left the factory. All stock tractors must be equipped with hood, grill, working PTO shafts, and factory front-end.

  2. No pressurized fuels allowed except LP gas. No oxygen allowed.

  3. All tractors must have straight stacks and factory exhaust.

  4. Speed limit 8 mph.

Special Rules - Enhanced

  1. All tractors need a kill switch, transmission blanket, side shield on motors, helmet, lap belt, roll cages/bars, SFI clutch, and air shut-off.

  2. Water injection allowed.

  3. Maximum P-pumps allowed

  4. Maximum 3x3 Turbo allowed

  5. Tire rule: stock appearing; no cut tire. No larger than 20.8 size.

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