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Department L
Superintendent: Sarah Halliburton
Best of Show and Fair Theme Rosettes will be awarded
High Point Norma Johnson Memorial Trophy
Premiums: 1st - $4.00, 2nd - $3.00, 3rd - $1.00
General Entry Rules and Regulations​
  1. ​All classes are residents of Herkimer County and surrounding counties and must be 19 years or older.

  2. All articles must be entered before the Fair, Sunday 12 - 5 p.m., Monday 12 - 8 p.m., or by 10 a.m. Tuesday, the opening day of the Fair.

  3. Exhibits must be the work of the exhibitor and from the current year, started after last year’s Fair, until this year.

  4. Articles must remain on display until Monday, day after closing of fair and all articles unclaimed will be taken to the Fair office and will be disposed of after one week.

  5. The Fair Board & Superintendent reserve the right to interpret & apply rules &regulations

  6. The Judges & Superintendent reserves the right to accept or reject any entry before or during judging and before the opening of the Fair. Exhibits considered “unworthy” will not be judged or awarded a premium.

  7. Exhibits will be opened at the discretion of the judges.

  8. All items entered & kept on the grounds are at the owner’s risk. The fair is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles.

  9. High Point winners cannot win for more than 3 years. THEME is “Saddle Up and come on down to the Fair.”

DIVISION 1 - Canned Items

Color should be as near as possible to natural color of fruit or vegetable. Syrup or liquid should be clean, free from cloudiness, seeds, bubbles or foam. Should be packed with reference to symmetry and best use of space. As large a portion of solids to liquids as possible, and should be uniform in shape and size. Containers should be of size and shape practical for use in the average home. Jars should be clean and neat, not sticky and sealed properly.


Should be labeled with date and product only.

Multiple entries allowed in each Section as long as each entry is a different vegetable and or fruit

Section A - Fruit - any fruit                                                Section F - Relish/Sauce/Salsa

Section B - Vegetables - any vegetable                            Section G - Jellies

Section C - Meats                                                             Section H - Jams

Section D - Pickles                                                            Section I - Preserve/Marmalades/Conserves

Section E - Pickled Items                                                  Section J - Syrups

DIVISION 2 - Homemade Cheese & Butter, Maple Syrup Recipes

Section 1         Cheese - Homemade cheese - bring a chunk of cheese in a Zip-Lock bag - at least

                        3 x 3 in size - may exhibit more than one as long as it is different cheeses.

Section 2         Homemade butter - bring in at least a half pint or 1/4 pound in container.

Section 3         Butter sculpture limited to 12 inches high.

Section 4         Any recipe using cheese or butter requiring refrigeration.

Section 5         Any recipe using maple syrup or honey.


A cooler will be provided for above exhibits. 

DIVISION 3 - Culinary
  1. All entries must be made from scratch by exhibitors

  2. No boxed mixes, frozen, refrigerator or pre pack aged dough are to be used.

  3. Use of bread machine is not allowed.

  4. No entry that requires refrigeration will be accepted.

  5. Do not bake muffins or cupcakes in paper liners.

  6. Exhibits must be covered with a re-sealable plastic bag -no aluminum foil or plastic wrap

Section A - Yeast Bread/Rolls

Should be in a regular 9x4 oblong pan. Should be raised, uniformly golden brown, uniform in, be light throughout, no heavy spots or areas, not heavy for size, slightly moist, creamy white, tender but not crumbly, fine even grain, elastic when pressed with finger, should have no suggestion of sourness or overpowering taste of yeast.


Class 1 - Plain

Class 2.- Whole Grain

Class 3 - Multi-grain

Class 4 - Any Flavored

Class 5 - Any not listed

Class 6- Rolls any shape/flavor

Section B - Quick Breads

Should be in a 9x4 oblong loaf pan, should be well raised, uniformly golden brown, light, not heavy for size, slightly moist, elastic when pressed with finger. Should have no suggestion of sourness or taste of baking powder or soda.


Class 1 - Banana

Class 2.- Bluebeny

Class 3 - Apple

Class 4 - Pumpkin

Class 5 - Zucchini

Class 6 - Muffin

Class 7 - Biscuits

Class 8 - Any not listed

Section C  - Cakes/Cupcakes

Should be slightly rounded, Should be light brown and uniform in color, should be moist and tender, easily broken with no signs of doughiness, should be elastic(bounce back when pressed and have no decided taste of shortening, egg or flavoring

Class 1 - Layered Cake

Class 2.- Sheet Cake

Class 3 - Misc (Crumb, Coffee)

Class 4 - Cupcakes (any kind)

Section D  - Cookies

Should not be over 4 inches in diameter, uniform in size and shape,  delicately browned. Texture and Grain depends on type of cookie.  


Class 1 - Rolled - sugar, butter, refrigerator

Class 2.- Dropped - oatmeal, molasses, chocolate chip

Class 3 - Bar type - would include brownies

Section E  - Pies

Should not exceed 9 inches in diameter, have a light flaky crust, uniformly golden brown with no signs of doughiness.

Class 1 - Single Crust - any kind

Class 2.- Double Crust

Section F  - Candy  (new)

Class 1 - Home made candy (at least 6 samples)


Items should be clean, free from stains and odors, should be smooth & even, should have no loose or curled edges. All area should be neat and well finished. They should be suitable for use and be appropriate quality


Section A - Embroidery
Section B - Crochet
Section C - Knitting
Section D - Afghans - Crocheted  -- More than one entry allowed if designed differently

                                                       - only one entry per design
Section E - Quilting\Quilted Items -- Hand or Machine
Section F - Rugs
Section G - Cross-stitch
Section H - Swedish/Huck Weaving
Section I  - Sewing --  Hand or Machine
Section J - Beading/Bead work



*************************  NEW YORK STATE FAIR ENTRY  *************************

A County fair may select one exhibit from Homemaking or Arts & Crafts divisions and enter into the Best of County fair exhibit at the State Fair. No cost to the County Fair or Exhibitor.


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