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Bucket of Junk

Department GB
Superintendent: Pauline Bunce
Best of Show awarded
Theme Rosettes awarded
Best of Show Premiums: 1st = $20.00, 2nd = $10.00, 3rd = $5.00
Premiums: 1st = $5.00, 2nd = $3.00, and 3rd = $2.00

Sponsored by: Auto Assassins Demo Team

The fair will provide the buckets and the items for the buckets known as junk.

The goal is to use all the items in the bucket but not the bucket to create the sculpture based on the Fair theme.

General Information
  1. Open to all ages - NO ENTRY FEE

  2. BUCKET pickup deadline July 30th - Limited to first 20.  You will need  to contact the fair to pick up the bucket and contents.

  3. TEAMS are allowed and encouraged to compete.

  4. You can clean, sand, glue, weld, cut, bolt, fasten, bend, shape, and  paint the finish items  provided but NO PIECES can be added except for the base to put the entry on.

  5. Create anything you want with the contents of the bucket only -not the bucket

  6. Return the finished sculpture Monday or before 10 am on Tuesday (Opening Day of Fair)

  7. Judging will be based on originality , creativity and overall appearance of the finished sculpture. 

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