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Green Project

Department G-A
Superintendent: Pauline Bunce
Sponsor: Auto Assassins Demo Team
Best of Show and Fair Theme Rosettes awarded

Premiums: 1st = $3.00, 2nd = $2.00, and 3rd = $1.00

Best of Show Award: 1st = $20.00, 2nd = $10.00, 3rd = $5.00

General Entry Rules and Regulations
  1. Entries should include an index card indicating what recycled product were used inthe exhibit.

  2. Exhibits will be accepted by 12 - 8 Monday or by Tuesday by 10 a.m. the daybefore the Fair

  3. If the exhibit is an antique and made into something new, please indicate how oldthe antique is.

  4. The article made can be made for practical use or decorative.

Section A: Article made from Recyclables
  1. Glass (bottles, vases,cups, etc.)

  2. Paper (cardboard, paper, milk cartons, etc)

  3. Plastic (milk jugs, water bottles, etc)

  4. Metal (cans, discarded metals)

  5. Wood Scraps

  6. Miscellaneous (Jewelry or items made from scrap materials)

Section B: New from Old
  1. Old Furniture

  2. Tools

  3. Miscellaneous

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