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Queen, Princess & Prince Pageant

Sponsored by: Gillette Shows

Tuesday, August 13th

following the Little Mr and Miss pageant

Department: P
Herkimer County Fair
        Renee Dygert

Queen & Court


Princess & Court


Prince & Court


***Applications can be obtained from the Fair Administration Offices***

Entries Due by: August 10h - Limited to 20 contestants in each division

Printable entry form HERE


All Entries Are to be sent to:

Herkimer County Fair Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 47

Frankfort, NY. 13340

Special Notice:

Because the Queens are an important part of the Herkimer County Fair, the girls will be busy the entire week of the fair, both daytime and evenings, as well as for off-season events. Awarding trophies, ribbons and performing interviews will keep the girls in the public eye. If at any time during her reign she is not a good representative for the fair, it will result in forfeiture of title, including crown and sash. The first runner-up will complete the year’s activities.

General Rules
  1. August 10th is the deadline for all entries. Each group will be capped at 20 contestants, so please submit your entry early to ensure your place in the contest!

  2. Age will be as of August 13th, 2024. Contestants may be asked to show proof of age.

  3. Contestants must be single and have not won the title previously in the same division.

  4. Mail entries to the Herkimer County Fair at the address on the entry form. The entry form can be obtained at the Fair Administration Office or on the Fair website.

  5. All contestants are required to report to the pavilion at 8:15 p.m.

  6. Contestants will be judged on appearance, poise, and personality.

  7. Interviews will be held on stage.

  8. Girls must wear a formal/semi-formal dress.

  9. Boys must wear a suit or vest with slacks.

  10. Winners must remain until after the Queen Pageant.

  11. Winners must be willing to participate in the various parades representing the Herkimer County Fair and can only wear one crown. The Herkimer County Fair crown must be top priority.

  12. One parent or guardian must always be with the contestant(s) except while on stage.

  13. Contestants are responsible for the conduct of their parents/guardians. There will be no interference with the judges before, during or after the pageant.

  14. The superintendent is not responsible for the individual ruling by the judges.

  15. All score sheets are the property of the Herkimer County Fair Association, Inc. and will not be given out nor discussed.

  16. Checks will be mailed after the Fair and must be cashed within 30 days.

  17. Due to various age differences, the Superintendent may change the division of any contestant.


  1. Princess Must be at least 7years old and not to exceed 12 years of age

  2. Prince must be at least 7 years old and not to exceed 14 years of age


Princess and Prince   ......$80.00 and Trophy
First Runner Up          ......$60.00 and Trophy
Second Runner Up    .......$40.00 and Trophy
Third Runner Up        .......Trophy

QUEEN Pageant
  1. Be at least 13 years old and not to exceed 17 years of age



QUEEN ............................$100.00 and Trophy
First Runner Up................ $ 75.00 and Trophy
Second Runner Up...........$ 50.00 and Trophy
Third Runner Up...............Trophy


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