Demolition Derby

Sponsored by: VINCE's U-Pull-IT

Thursday, August 19thth @ 7:00p.m. (Cars, Trucks and Vans)

Friday, August 20th @ 7:00p.m. (Cars only)

Department: W
Herkimer County Fair
Superintendant: Gerry Elthorp
Assistant: Joey Kimball
PAY Back: $20.00 per car per heat.
Best Decorated Car, will not be eligible if in previous derbies & must be based on the Theme of the Fair
"Something Old, Something New - Forever Red, White & Blue"

Memorial Trophies Provided by:

The Dennis Family  &

The Petkovsek Family


***PRE-Registration REQUIRED  -- Cars limited to 10 per heat

 Printable entry form HERE



  1. All drivers & mechanics must obey the rules & regulations set up by the Herkimer Count Fair Association, Inc.

  2. Drivers must be 18 years of age & have a Valid License 

  3. Only drivers, mechanics, towers, etc. who sign the release will be allowed in the pit areas 

  4. Officials reserve the right to accept or reject any applications 

  5. The Fair Association will not be responsible for any parts, cars, or personal property before, during or after the events 

  6. All cars must be off the grounds before 11 a.m. the following day unless told differently 

  7. NO DRINKING of alcoholic beverages by anyone in the pit areas. The misconduct of a driver or crew member can disqualify the driver from event participation *before, after or during event* 

  8. Non-refundable total entry fee of $30.00 due with entry form. Includes entry fee ($20) and two wrist bands ($10). No one under 18 will be allowed a wristband.

  9. Same night registration will cost an additional $5.00

  10. All cars must sign in and be inspected no later than 1 hour before show 

  11. Any hardtop or station wagon allowed. No 4 Wheel Drives, Limos, Herse, X-framed, or Plastic cars allowed. A list of these specific vehicles not allowed available at fair office (Cars with sliding doors not allowed) 

  12. Small Cars - maximum weight 2550 pounds 

  13. In case of ties - monies will be split & 2 Trophies will be awarded.

  14. Vans and Trucks on Thursday ONLY.  Call office for rules to be mailed



  1. Safety belts, approved helmets, goggles are required to be worn at all times in the show ring


  3. NO Smokeing in the cars while in the ring

  4. NO body parts outside of the car

  5. A vehicle will be disqualified if the drivers door opens, gas tank ruptures, or two fires occur

  6. A 90 second time limit will be enforced, competitive contact must be made within this time limit but only a 60 second time limit will be allowed on the second stall

  7. Out of Bounds when car ends up on cement barrier

  8. Cars must be turned off with key or on-off switch

  9. Any questions arising at the event not covered, by the rules will be decided by the Officials between heats 

  10. No instant replay videos allowed to  determine outcomes.



  1. All cars must be inspection ready. * Pit area back of fairgrounds limited. 

  2. Batteries: allowed in the drivers compartment if covered by a metal box and bolted to floor on passenger side forward passenger seat, or under the hood - not necessarily in original position - only one battery 

  3. Tires: no oversize or studded tires allowed. -No larger than 235/15 Passenger car tire, unless 16" is stock for the car.  Wheel weights must be removed

  4. *Gas tanks: regular, replaced with a tank not to exceed 5 gallons & must be made with material not than 20 gauge and no heavier than 1/8 inch & must be securely fastened with straps or bolted in the original area of tank - cars with fuel injection that have fuel pumps in tank, may leave in original tan but must add 2 additional straps or chains - gas gauge must work to indicate 5 gallon limit. Same applies for diesel cars  ***OPTION*** Gas tank can be installed in back seat in the middle of car if covered by at least 18 gauge metal box bolted down to floor - no fill neck visible 

  5. Windshields may be in or out, wipers allowed on drivers side only 

  6. Radiators: must be in original position or be removed, as well as fan. Radiators must have water, no antifreeze allowed - no water tanks allowed - radiator overflow tubes must be facing down 

  7. Seats: rear seat lower cushions must be removed - rear seat back must remain or be replaced with approved reinforcements. Driver's seat may be chained to prevent seat from folding .  One crossbar is allowed behind the seat, running door-to-door max 3 inches to prevent seat from caving.

  8. Hoods: locks, catches & springs must be removed - a chain must be installed so that the hood can be lifted 12 - 18 inches in case of a fire. Hoods and trunk lids cannot be welded shut because of inspection, but must be wired with at least 10 gauge or chained down after inspection - no rope allowed 

  9. Doors: must be fastened shut by at least 10 gauge wire, straps, chains or spot welded. Drivers' door must be painted white or a bright orange color if car is white 

  10. Exhaust systems: can not be facing out the front of car & not allowed inside car 

  11. General preparation: all dirt & loose pieces must be swept from inside car & no loose parts or objects allowed in car - no special bumpers or reinforcements allowed - chains CAN NOT be used for reinforcements and no spring hangers or lift kits allowed. All glass, including glass inside doors lights, side marker, door handles, and moldings must be removed. Protruding fins must be cut or mashed down 

  12. No welding of any kind allowed except the doors 

  13. NUMBERS WILL BE ASSIGNED ON REGISTRATION & WILL BE PAINTED THEN.  Leave both driver & Front Passenger Doors unpainted

  14. Plastic bumper covers must be removed.  FRONT and BACK

  15. Sunroofs must be covered with metal


**Any questions involving the car prep call Joey @ 749-8153**


Any questions arising at the event not covered in these rules & regulations, the OFFICIALS will decide an issue at the event.