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Demolition Derby

Sponsored by: VINCE's U-Pull-IT

Thursday, August 17th @ 7:00p.m. (Cars, Trucks and Vans)

Friday, August 18th @ 7:00p.m. (Cars only)

Department: W
Herkimer County Fair
Superintendent: Gerry Elthorp
Show Ring: Clarence Dygert
Chief Inspector:  Chris Roberts
PAY Back: $30.00 per car per heat.
2 Best Decorated Cars will be selected. (will not be eligible if in previous derbies) & must be based on the Theme of the Fair
"Celebrating a Festival of Sports"

Memorial Trophies Provided:

Winner of the Van/Truck Heat on Thursday by The Dennis Family*

Hardest Hit by The Petkovsek Family

Team Heat on Friday* presented with A Cory Pavlot Memorial Trophy

Special Sportsman Trophy Celebrating the DEMO's 50th year - Donated by the Elthorp Family (both nights)


***PRE-Registration REQUIRED  -- Cars limited to 10 per heat

 Printable entry form HERE



  1. All drivers & mechanics must obey the rules & regulations set up by the Herkimer Count Fair Association, Inc.

  2. Drivers must be 18 years of age & must show a ID. This includes the one pit person allowed per car 

  3. Only drivers, mechanics, towers, etc. who sign the release will be allowed in the pit areas 

  4. Officials reserve the right to accept or reject any applications 

  5. The Fair Association will not be responsible for any parts, cars, or personal property before, during or after the Demo. All cars must be off the grounds by 9 a.m. Saturday or they become property of the fair. There is no exclusives for removing cars - tow trucks and flat beds allowed to remove own cars - no crushers.

  6. NO DRINKING of alcoholic beverages by anyone in the pit areas. The misconduct of a driver or crew member can disqualify the driver from event participation *before, after or during event* 

  7. Non-refundable total entry fee of $30.00 due with entry form. Includes entry fee ($20) and only two wrist bands ($10) the driver & helper = entries accepted the night of the derby will be charged an additional $5.00.  No one under 18 will be allowed a wristband.

  8. All cars must sign in and be inspected no later than 1 hour before show 

  9. Any hardtop or station wagon allowed. No 4 Wheel Drives, Limos, Herse, X-framed, or Plastic cars allowed.


  11. In case of ties - monies will be split & 2 Trophies will be awarded.



  1. Safety belts, approved helmets, goggles are required to be worn at all times in the show ring. Long pants required and long sleeves preferred


  3. NO Smoking in the cars while in the ring

  4. NO body parts outside of the car while in the ring

  5. A vehicle will be disqualified if the drivers door opens, gas tank ruptures, two fires occur, or helmet comes off during heat

  6. A 90 second time limit will be enforced, competitive contact must be made within this time limit but only a 60 second time limit will be allowed on the second stall

  7. Out of Bounds - when on or through the cement barriers - if caught on barrier must shut off motor.

  8. Cars must be turned off with key or on-off switch

  9. Any questions arising at the event not covered, by the rules will be decided by the Officials between heats 

  10. No instant replay videos allowed to  determine outcomes.



  1. All cars must be inspection ready. * Pit area back of fairgrounds limited. 

  2. Batteries: allowed in the drivers compartment if covered by a metal box and bolted to floor on passenger side forward passenger seat, or under the hood - not necessarily in original position - only one battery. No zip ties or zip screws.

  3. Tires: Stock street tires -no ags, or studs -Any ply DOT street tires only-dot marking must be visible

  4. Gas tanks: regular, replaced with a tank not to exceed 5 gallons & must be made with material not than 20 gauge and no heavier than 1/8 inch & must be securely fastened with straps or bolted in the original area of tank cars with fuel injection that have fuel pumps in tank, may leave in original tan but must add 2 additional straps or chains - gas gauge must work to indicate 5 gallon limit. Same applies for diesel cars.
    OPTION - Gas tank can be installed in back seat in the middle of car if covered by at least 18 gauge metal box bolted down to floor - no fill neck visible.

  5. Windshields optional-wipers allowed on drivers side only -if removed 2 steel bars must be mounted from the fire wall to the roof 

  6. Radiators: must be in original position or be removed, as well as fan. Radiators must have water, no antifreeze allowed - no water tanks allowed radiator overflow tubes must be hanging down.

  7. Seats: rear seats must be removed - Driver's seat may be chained to prevent seat from folding-one cross bar is allowed behind the seat running door-to door-maximum 3” to prevent seat from caving-non visible on outside.- use heavy gauge round bar at least 3/4 inch

  8. Hoods: locks, catches & springs must be removed - a chain must be installed so that the hood can be lifted 12 - 18 inches in case of a fire. Hoods and trunk lids cannot be welded shut because of inspection, but must be wired with at least 10 gauge or chained down after inspection - no rope allowed.  There must be a hole at least 12 inches in case of a fire.

  9. Doors: must be fastened shut by at least 10 gauge wire, straps, chains or spot welded  2-3 inch every 10 inches.  Drivers' door must be painted white or a bright orange color if car is white.  Drivers door only can be white  No writing on either front doors-leave blank .

  10. Exhaust systems: can not be facing out the front of car & not allowed inside car 

  11. General preparation: all dirt & loose pieces must be swept from inside car & no loose parts or objects allowed in car - no special bumpers or reinforcements allowed - chains CAN NOT be used for reinforcements and no spring hangers or lift kits allowed. All glass, including glass inside doors lights, side marker, door handles, and moldings must be removed. Protruding fins must be cut or mashed down 

  12. No welding of any kind allowed except the doors 

  13. Plastic Bumper covers must be removed both in back and front-

  14. Sunroofs glass must be removed and no covering required.

  15. NUMBERS WILL BE ASSIGNED ON REGISTRATION & WILL BE PAINTED THEN.  Leave both driver & Front Passenger Doors unpainted

**Any questions arising at the event not covered in these rules & regulations, the OFFICIALS will decide an issue at the event.

** Any questions in Car Prepping call Chris Roberts 315-731-0519

Mini-Van & Truck Rules



  1. Derby is open to 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, or one ton trucks only (No 4 x 4s, four - wheel drive chassis must have one drive shaft removed.)‘

  2. BODY - All vehicles must be stripped of all glass, chrome, trim, side mirrors and plastic and fiberglass panels. Windshields are optional. Rubber body mounts may be removed, but must be replaced with flat washers. No hood latches.   STEEL BARS MUST BE MOUNTED FROM THE FIRE WALL TO ROOF if no windshields. Minimum one -Maximum 2

  3. GAS TANKS - Must be in center of bed near cab, securely fastened down and covered with metal shield. VANS - tank may be moved inside, secured and covered.

  4. FRAME - No alterations/reinforcements to frame. Box can be welded to cab 3” every 10”.

  5. TRANSMISSION - Floor shifter are allowed.

  6. BRAKES - All vehicles must have and will be checked for brakes  .

  7. BUMPERS - May be welded or chained, whatever it takes to keep them on the vehicle. Bumper can be car style but must remain stock height.

  8. REAR ENDS ... May be welded. No coil leaf - spring alteration. ,

  9. DOORS - Must be chained, wired, or welded (2” - 3” inch weld on each door) every 10” inch. No’ full welded seams except driver door.

  10. DRIVER COMPARTMENT - One cross bar is allowed behind the seat running door to door. This is to keep from caving in - maximum diameter is 3”‘No less than 3/16” inch bar

  11. EXHAUST - Must extend beyond driver’s seat, or you may run stacks.

  12. FAN BLADES - Must be clutch type with shroud or electric fan or no fan at all.

  13. FENDERS & INNER - cutting, folding or bending is permitted.

  14. HOOD & TRUNK - All hoods can be wired, or chained down, and must have at least a 12” hole in it. Trunk lids must be wired, chained, or welded 3” for every 10”. No hood latches.

  15. SUSPENSION - Truck should be stock range. NO MODIFICATION OF SUSPENSION.

  16. BATTERY - May be left under hood or moved to passenger side floor (must be held down by 2 straps and covered with rubber mat) .

  17. TIRES - only factory size tires- Inner tubes are allowed. Wheel weights must be removed. No studs or Ag tires or skid stir tires

  18. ANTIFREEZE - NOT allowed. Only clear water. If seen you will be disqualified. Flush motor block with water.

  19. All vans/trucks MUST BE in the pits ONE HOUR PRIOR TO SHOW.

  20. All vans/trucks will be rigidly inspected. JUDGES DECISION IS FINAL.

  21. Drivers must be at least 18 years. Drivers & ‘crew must fill out an entry form and sign a Release Waiver.


  23. Any contestant not obeying the rules and regulations will be disqualified.

  24. All contestants will have one minute to restart and/or make contact with a live car. NO TRAPPING WILL BE ALLOWED. All drivers must stay in their vehicles while on the track.


  26. We will stop the event for fire, accident, or safety equipment not being used properly.’

  27. Safety belts, eye protection, and DOT helmets are required. Long sleeve shirts preferred  and pants must be worn. NO SHORTS and no  flip flops

  28. JUDGES DECISION IS FINAL - WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT ANY AND ALL ENTRIES. Rules are subject to change without notice.

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