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Fruit, Vegetable and Field Crop

Department I
Superintendent: Kathy Elthorp     Assistant: Pat Stacheiski
Best of Show and Fair Theme Awards Available
Stephen H. Hubbell Memorial High Point Trophy 
based on number of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
General Entry Rules and Regulations​
  • All home gardeners, commercial growers, and farm families are urged to participate.

  • Open to Herkimer County and surrounding counties.

  • All exhibitors must be 19 years or older in Sections 1-3.

  • All entries are to be grown by the exhibitor and must be at the fairgrounds by 10a.m.Tuesday.

  • Exhibits may be brought in Monday, before 4:00 - 9:00 p.m. or Tuesday day of fair until 10a.m.

  • Staff will label each entry with correct variety name as supplied by exhibitor.

  • Judging will be based upon edible quality, uniformity in size, shape, color and trueness to type.

  • Judging will be done at 11 a.m. Tuesday. No exhibitor shall have more than one entry in each class.

  • Displays are not to be removed before Monday, the day after the fair between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon.

Section 1 - Fruit and Vegetable

Premiums: 1st = $3.00, 2nd = $2.00, and 3rd = $1.00​

1    Apples, green, three
2    Apples, ripe, three
3    Basil, bunch tied together, one variety-only one variety
4    Beans, green, 5 in edible condition, any variety
5    Beans, yellow, 5 in edible condition, any variety
6    Beans, lima, 5 edible condition, any variety
7    Beans, pole, 5 edible condition, any variety
8    Beans -any unusual variety -5
9    Beets, tops cut to 1 inch, three
10  Berries, brambles, 1/2 pint, fresh
11  Broccoli, one head
12  Cabbage, largest by weight, one
13  Cabbage, green variety, one
14  Cabbage red, one
15  Carrots, tops cut to about 112 inch, three, any variety
16  Cantaloupe, one, any variety
17  Cauliflower, leaves cut just above head, one, any variety
18  Celery, one plant, any variety
19  Chive, bunch or pot one variety
20  Cucumber, dill, 3-6 inches, three, any variety
21  Cucumber, pickling, under 3 inches, 5, any variety
22  Cucumber, slicing condition, 6 inches or over, two
23  Dill, 1 bunch of three heads tied or in transparent bag
24  Eggplant, one
25  Endive, one plant, roots off
26  Fruit (tree bearing), three, pears, peaches, etc., any variety
27  Garlic, three bulbs

28  Gourds, three any variety
29  Herbs, any kind not otherwise listed, I bunch or plant
(must be different herb to qualify for multiple per class)
30  Kale, 1 plant, roots off
31  Kohlrabi-stumps removed-leaves trimmed
32  Lettuce, any head variety, one
33  Lettuce, leaf type, one plant
34  Mints, one bunch or plant -one variety
35  Nuts, six, any variety
36  Onions, three, tops off, not peeled, any Variety
37  Onions, Sweet Spanish, three, tops off, not peeled.
38  Onions -scallions -bunch of 5
39  Oregano
40  Ornamental corn, three ears, husks pulled back
41  Parsley, one bunch, any variety
42  Peas, any variety, six pods
43  Peppers, hot, three, one variety
44  Peppers, sweet, long trying type, 3, one variety


45  Peppers, sweet, any other type, 3, one variety
46  Popcorn, three ears, husks removed
47  Potatoes, red, three, one variety
48  Potatoes ,other variety ( blue, yellow finger)
49  Potatoes, white, three, one variety
50  Pumpkin, largest by weight, one
51  Pumpkin, pie type, one
52  Radishes, any variety, three
53  Sage
54  Spinach, one plant, roots off
55  Squash, patty pan, one
56  Squash, summer yellow variety, 1 ( not  hardened )
57  Squash ,summer green zucchini ,1 ( not hardened),
58  Squash, Table Queen or Acorn
59  Squash, winter, any variety, one
60  Squash, largest by weight, one
61  Strawberries, fresh, 1/2 pint basket
62  Sweet Corn -3 ears, husks on,-yellow
63  Sweet Corn , 3 ears, husks on (mixed color)
64  Swiss Chard one plant
65  Thyme
66  Tomatoes ,Green, three

         (unusual variety - pear, plum, cherry)
67  Tomatoes, green, three, stems off ( any large variety)
68  Tomatoes, ripe,  stems  off -three (any large variety)
69  Tomatoes, yellow, three
70  Tomatoes,3, ripen (unusual variety- pear, plum, cherry)
71  Turnips ,three, any variety
72  Watermelon, any variety-one
73  Miscellaneous -any vegetable not listed
         (only one exhibit per type of vegetable)
Premiums Below
1st $5.00- 2nd $3.00 3rd $1.00
74  Exhibit of Vegetables -least 7 kinds of 3 each


Section 2-Apiary Products
75  Heirloom Vegetables 

          Only one exhibit per type of heirloom
76  Honey 16 0z jar (extracted honey)
77  Honey 5-lb jar or pail (extracted)
78  Honey section or Honey Comb
79  Bees Wax -1 ½ -2 pounds


Section 3 -Maple Products
80  Maple Syrup -one quart in glass
81  Maple Syrup -mold or cake

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